Thank you so much for your order. It is most appreciated. I want to ask one thing from you after your purchase and that is to ask you to STAY SAFE. Please make sure you take SAFETY FIRST and video and pictures second.

Please watch the YouTube video below if you have purchased a handcam system. It gives some very wise hints and tips.

Please ensure you are ready to fly handcam or camera and ensure you have talked it through with your CCI. Make sure you understand the equipment and take care of it. DO NOT over tighten any of the screws on any of the systems, this can cause damage. On the spin spin mount the plastics will mate together and it will stop spinning. At this point you do not need to tighten it up any further. If you feel you have caused any damage DO NOT FLY YOUR CAMERAS! Contact me using the form below and any concerns can be overcome.

As with all our lifesaving equipment or accessories we use in the sky we should care for this the same way. Although it is extremely hard wearing I would recommend it is not left outside in the baking sun and dried if it is wet, especially clean with fresh water if used in salt water! If you look after your equipment it will look after you.

One final note. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE DO NOT DO IT. This covers everything from flying handcam / camera for the first time all the way through to using the equipment. If you have any doubt about your capability or that of the equipment please say NO!

ALWAYS CHECK – please ensure you check the handcam system before each use. Is it how you left it, it is tight, is it damage free and IS IT SAFE TO USE. If you have any doubts at all please do not use it. Please contact me with these doubts and I will do my very best to help solve any issues that may arise.

Constant improvement. My mission is to always improve so if you have any suggestions please get in touch.

LIABILITY: You as the end user are fully responsible for the safe use of any of the products sold.

Handcam or any of its associates take no responsibility for loss of equipment, injury or death through the use of the equipment you have purchased and deemed safe to use.

The correct training should be adhered to within your country and all laws or guidance fully respected.

If there is any doubt or should you deem that safety is compromised in any way DO NOT use any equipment purchased from handcam.

As the end user you fully agree that you alone have the full and ultimate responsibility for safe and secure use of any products purchased from this website. You further agree not to hold handcam or any of its associates responsible for any loss, injury or death resulting in the use of the products purchased. Should you not agree DO NOT use our products.