Tandem Handcam Glove update for Summer 2022 – NEW MODEL

For summer 2022 we have proudly introduced a new glove model. This is a “non-cutaway” glove upgrade. Although the glove is easily removed by releasing a single velcro strap should you need to in an emergency. This new glove will replace all the non cutaway options when ordering.

This new glove gives the user added comfort and a bigger area on the palm of the hand. This aids the perception of stability for some people. That said the cutaway version is perfectly stable!! The use of a single velcro strap make it very fast to remove the glove when performing back to back loads. It is also easy to pass to the tandem student if you let them use your glove during the canopy ride.

This comes with the same spin spin top and fits all our standard mounts.

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