Tandem handcams – Partnership – key to success

In business collaboration is key to succeed and this even transfers in to the world of skydiving. Collaboration can increase safety and increase innovation within our sport.

Recently we have teamed up with https://skycustom3d.com/ to enable us to provide faster shipping solutions within the USA and Canada. This base of operations also provides much cheaper options and faster shipping into South American countries.

Daniel Garrett, CEO of SkyCustom 3D, comes from a FPV drone racing background and is also an avid skydiver. His company has a wealth of different 3D printing machines to deliver the highest quality mounts to our customers. He is a creative 3D designer with a huge amount of experience in design and manufacturing.

To aid the faster delivery of handcam systems in the Americas a large stock of gloves has been delivered to SkyCustom3D from here in Portugal. With this stock Daniel and his team are able to respond rapidly to the needs of all our clients. This eleiminates the frustrating delays that sometimes come about from shipping from Europe to the Americas. Daniel is also able to provide helmet mounts and custom solutions for all. Not only this he is able to provide customer support and help out quickly with any questions.

Partnership is AWESOME and we aim to keep growing by stregthening our partners with the resources they need to provide the best possible products with the best possible service.


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